Each person that I meet ask me this question why did I quit my job. Those people don’t understand the way I look at life, every other nomad person that I met totally understands me and the decisions I made. But to everyday people that never tried this kind of lifestyle this totally absurd that I quit my job just to travel around the world.

What Made Me Quit My Job?

Online travel businessI will now try to explain to everyone why did I choose this lifestyle. Until 2011 I have worked in marketing and sales for many years. Over those years of work, I slowly realized that I don’t find my job interesting anymore. I wasn’t happy with that life, after few years of working every day started to feel the same. I could not find anything to make it more interesting and then I realized that I will not be able to do this all my life. I am a person who likes adventures and enjoys traveling if I do the same thing for a long time I get bored. So, after a while I started to make a plan what will I do that will make my life more exciting. After a lot of searching I read about the digital nomad lifestyle and it caught my attention. The thing that attracted me to this lifestyle was the fact that you can travel and work at the same time. I haven’t find anything similar to this and it seemed to be the best option for me. For some time, I was only researching and reading blogs of other people that have already started their digital nomad life. Those blogs helped me decide what I want to do, I have read many inspiring stories that changed the way I look at life.

Starting the Online Business

This was the first step I took because I knew if I want to quit my job I need to have some kind of source of income that will allow me to travel the world. First, I started my blog where I would post regularly about my experience of digital nomad life. Later when I was traveling for over a year I started my own business that helps other nomad people to find affordable prices around the world. Nowadays I live a very comfortable life thanks to my business idea that was extremally successful.