My Vision

Greetings! My name is Robert and I’m here to teach you how to quit your job and hit the road in search of the lifestyle that you deserve… I’ve worked in marketing and sales for years, amassing a small fortune through tech startups and now I’ve quit it all to travel the world and teach others how to find online success as a digital nomad. This website was created with the idea to help other people to find the best prices for hotels, airplanes, cruises and many other activities. I know how hard it could be to change your lifestyle, that’s why I created this website to help other people who decide to try out the nomad lifestyle and travel around the whole world. The website is designed to provide the best prices for any kind of transportation. You can find a variety of different transportation services and it has the largest selection and anyone can find the perfect way to travel for themselves.

I have dedicated a big part of my life to this. I have been through all and I want to share my experiences with you. My whole life has changed for the better when I quit my job and started living the digital nomad lifestyle. My work was very demanding – I was into tech startups since I had a vast experience in marketing and sales. At the start, I have bumped into a lot of different problems and unfortunately, there was no one that could have helped me. I had to fight through all the problems by my own and find solutions. That’s why I created this website where I offer my personal experience to help other people with their nomad life.

The Nomad lifestyle had a huge impact on my personal life -in the beginning, I was a little scared and lost but as time went by, everything changed for the better. That actually led me to creating this website because I know how hard could it be when you are starting to live this lifestyle.